The Founding
  The Doctrines in Brief


  It is an unhappy situation for us today that almost all of the established religions both in the East and West have lost the prestige that they once enjoyed in earlier days. The golden age of Buddhism is gone. So is the golden age of Judeo-Christianity. The state of 'having a religion' is more common among us today than that of 'being religious', let alone those who unscrupulously declare their 'having no religion' or 'believing in no God'. Unfortunately, those last are increasing in number.
  Sacred buildings which once admitted none but pious and devout people are now more often visited for the sake of sightseeing than for prayers and meditations. Neither do those visitors nor the priests who are responsible for keeping those buildings clean and sacred seem to care about or even know that such profane acts disgrace those buildings. Sacred buildings are dwelling places of divine beings. Do we not remember that the Lord ordered Moses to sanctify his people and let them wash their clothes against the day the Lord would come down in their sight? Today most people have lost religious mind and sensibility and cannot distinguish the sacred from the profane. To most people it is just a part of their mechanical and conventional habits and customs to attend church or go to pray in the temple, to participate in funeral rites, memorial services for the dead, marriage ceremony, etc. Meanwhile, how many of priests and monks today can tell with certainty that the religious rituals and prayers they conduct may without fail move the beings and forces of the supernatural other world so as to bring good and blissful effects to the dead as well as to the living?
  Birth and death don't inspire so much wonder and awe in modern men as they did in the people of the past. Few today turn to religion for an answer to such questions: What becomes of man after death? Why does man live a life on earth? or What is the meaning of human life? Far from asking such questions, most people are much more interested in how to live a life just physically comfortable and pleasant as they like it than in how to live a life worth living as a human. Without trying to live, however, a life worthy of a human, and without knowing the true meaning and goal of human life, life is but an incoherent aggregate of matter-of-fact occurrences of everyday routine, and birth, death, marriage, etc. are equally insipid constituents of meaningless aggregate called "life". Hence life seems sometimes unbearably dull and wearisome, and sometimes full of woe, grief and despair in spite of material prosperity.
At this state of the human world in confusion today, some thoughtful people are very much concerned, and try to find a clue to it. Some of the contemporary Christian theologians say that unless the courses of the human history should be reversed, humanity could never be simply religious-minded, live in awe of and longing for God as they once were, since we are told that, according to the Christian theology the Revelation was sent to mankind once for all. Some other Christians think that this chaotic state is a symptom of the imminent end of the world. Some Buddhist scholars, on the other hand, think we are living in the latter days of the Law of Buddhism, The more seriously, especially from religious viewpoint, one thinks of the present situation in which we are placed. the more pessimistic one cannot help becoming.
But, what if there should ever happen such an event as a second coming of Christ or Buddha or more than that? Who should deny it is at once a great miracle and glad tidings to all mankind? To tell the truth, this great miracle has happened, whether you believe it or not. The glad tidings have been sent to us again indeed. This is the appearance of New Style Zen or Daigen Mikkyo in Japan, Which has been providentially arranged and has been granted by the Great Mercy and Compassion of the Supreme Being. This is the very religion that revives in us a genuine religious mind and sensibility by enabling us to have direct contact with the glorious, supernatural other world. To understand there actually exists the glorious, supernatural other world behind this visible and tangible world and what a power it endows us with, we have only to recall how, as it is told in the Bible, the patriarchs, Moses and other prophets came to experience miraculous phenomena and eventually achieved great deeds and works beyond human capacity by the intervention of the supernatural Divine Power. Those mythical and miraculous tales about the figures in the Bible are not mere romantic and fabulous make-believes, but denote something real of the supernatural other world. A key, to our great joy, to this supernatural other world has been granted to mankind once again by the appearance of New Style Zen or Daigen Mikkyo. This key will be given to everyone when he practices Seiza Kanpo(_) Gyo(_), a new style Zen, which is the distinguishing feature of Daigen Mikkyo. By allowing us to commune with the Divine Power, this religion will remove our physical, mental and spiritual sufferings and restore us to a really meaningful and human living, a life in which we walk with God. It will make each of us realize his own mission in this life, lead him to a spiritual awakening, and eventually live in eternal bliss. Moreover, this religion will disclose the relationship of each existing religion to the Supreme Being and also to each other, and thus points to the way whereby all religions may be united into one.
  Not only those who are in grief and sorrow, who have physical or mental sufferings, but also those who want to know the meaning and goal of human life, and attain to spiritual awakening, or those who want to work for the unification of various religions in the world, are earnestly invited to join church members of New Style Zen or Daigen Mikkyo.